Full control

We offer a complete system for parking companies with everything from the control solution for parking officers, the fixed camera solutions for easier and faster control of electronic parking permits. We adapt all our parking solutions to your needs and desires.


Parking Solutions



Pocket-control is the solution to streamline the working day for parking officers . With pocket-control in your pocket, you officers now easily control parking facilities, write imposition, order towing or make valve controls. We have now updated pocket-control with a better and more convention-friendly interface, which will make the solution even more effective. Pocket-control is our most popular solution and is used by over 3,000 officers daily. Today we have over 100 clients on the Android solution of pocket-control.



Drive-control is definitely part of the future within parking. With a camera mounted on the car controls of facilities is done quickly. The camera is connected to a tablet that gives you an complete overview of alle the cars that you have monitored with the help of the fixed camera. 



Auto Control is a fixed camera that detects the license plates of cars. It provides a complete overview of all cars entering and leaving the facility where auto-control is mounted.



Permitweb gives the public the opportunity to order resident parking, school parking facilities or buying rental parking places. With permitweb we give the public an overall view of their parking facilities and agreements. The solution is now refreshed and are also very mobile friendly.