Useful solutions and great user experience

We combine strategic, creative and technological expertise, and create innovative, engaging and smart solutions. Our knowledge and experience delivers user-friendly apps to end users, and stable industry solutions within parking, sales, service and transportation. We are constantly expanding our skills and are open to new and exciting ideas and projects.




We have developed Apps with dense server integration since 2002. By our presence in the App market for many years, we have built a unique and requested technology and expertise that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our focus is on development of strategic business Apps that adds value for businesses. Our dedicated App developers and designers create innovative, engaging and smart solutions that are actually used. We build mobile services that is synced to different systems across all mobile operating systems. With this in mind we believe we have the best preconditions to develop viable solutions for existing and new customers.

The apps we have developed and administers are used by hundreds of thousands of users every day.



Industry Solutions

Manual routines are time consuming and has many sources of error. We are working towards increased efficiency, less administration and higher customer satisfaction. Our mobile business solutions are tailored to different professions and focuses on high performance, ease of use and efficiency. The solutions are available on smartphones and tablets, and we are happy to tailor the solution for your specific needs.


Our solutions



Our development team is highly competent with long experience with projects and developments in mobile technology. We gladly participate in projects and processes where we can share our expertise and experience.


Strategy and counseling

The new mobile platforms and eco-systems have established completely new opportunities. To succeed it requires a new kind of insight and knowledge that does not exist in the traditional consulting firms. In Giant Leap we work with pure strategy projects, strategy partial delivery of a development and overall strategic advice.


UX and Design

Good user experiens and a visually appealing design are prerequisite to the success for a mobile application. We have interaction designers with in-depth knowledge concerning the conventions on the various mobile platforms and experienced visual designers with experience in communication, advertising and branding.


Technical development

Giant Leap has the largest and most experienced development environment for mobile applications and cultivates the various mobile platforms. We also develop some solutions for the web, including subscription pages for a number of newspapers, solutions for transportation, parking and electric car charging. A typical development project lasts two to three months and is carried out with scrum methodology. After each sprint, the customer receives a beta version of the app so they can follow along in the process and test the solution thoroughly.



A digital service will never be finished and need continuous maintenance and further development in order to function optimally. We have a management plan that among other things contains support, error correction and updates.

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About Giant Leap

Giant Leap is a leading supplier of solutions for mobile platforms. Our specialists are passionate to exploit the opportunities inherent in the use of mobile technology. We combine strategic, creative and technological expertise, and storage solutions that provide the most sense for users and maximize value for customers. We are proud to have helped create new solutions for several of the largest brands in Norway. In Giant Leap we want to be an innovative, competent and long-term partner for our customers.

The company has its origins from an innovative technology group at NTNU in Trondheim and established a firm in 2000. Giant Leap currently has 28 employees and is fully owned by the employees.

Key people

Audun Mathisen - Technical Manager

Phone:   +47 908 82 743
Email:   audun.mathisen(at) 

Atgeir Takle - CEO

Phone:   +47 915 67 097
Email:  atgeir.takle(at)

Johan Norlander - Product Manager

Phone:  +47 993 40 373
Email:   johan.norlander(at)

Conor O´Riordan - International Sales Enquiries

Telefon:  +353 85 8893692

E-post:   conor(at)


Tor-Erling Nilsen - Sales Manager

Phone:   +47 982 20 240
Email:  tor-erling.nilsen(at)